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About Us

Thrown away in a city, away from the devotees of Lord Krishna, on the eve of Janmastami, I began frantically searching for devotional decorations to offer my love in the form of dresses, paraphernalia and decorations to our Lord, but all in vain, and that evening of 2009, I had this realization of a devotional webstore, where devotees of the Lord will no longer search for offering the Lord, the items of their choice, but get all of them just by a simple click! This was the beginning of the idea of Vrindavanbazaar.com, where the sublime atmosphere of Vrindavan may be brought at the doorstep of devotees all over the world with the same taste and passion in the form of spiritual paraphernalia.

One will feel, as if, the same items being brought from effulgent grounds of Vrindavan, which fashioned with many wonderful and colourful cintamani jewels, the trees and vines are full of blissful spiritual fruits and flowers, the birds make a great tumult by reciting the hymns of the Sama Veda, and the lakes and streams are filled with transcendental nectar, the land of Krishna’s eternal transcendental pastimes.

Hence, Keeping this attitude in mind, and after being leading manufacturers, traders and exporters of devotional paraphernalia since 1999, we take this next step forward in having an online store for the devotees of Lord Krishna.


Our core philosophy is provide you high class spiritual paraphernalia like clothing, books, musical instruments, pooja items, incense & oils, yoga items etc products & services until your door step, at a very reasonable price. We offer unparalleled services in terms of customer satisfaction. Our dedicated team of qualified professionals, who happen to be devotees as well, will assist you in all of your grievances and will make your shopping with us, a memorable experience. "

We are driven by a fearless passion to provide best of class services to our clients with everything we do."


You can shop with us in three ways: order on the web, order by phone and order by E-mail.All payments gateways ie. Paypal,CC avenue,HDFC bank,Western Union and swift transfers are available to bring comfort , safety & security to our esteemed guests.


Vrindavanbazar offers 100 % money back guarantee and hence, making your shopping experience truly exceptional.  We are here committed for providing personalized services by embracing & celebrating each devotee’s mindset & thinking and that is what truly sets us apart.


Vrindavanbazaar wants to hear from you. If you have suggestions as to how better we can offer you a service or simply have a query on your order, kindly let us know and we will be very happy to assist you.  We are committed to give you best shopping experience, right from the moment you enter our site till the order has been duly delivered, at your doorstep.

It is truly ‘A devotional market place right from source,  Sri Dham Vrindavan

We look forward for a remarkable shopping experience with us,

Vrindavan Bazar Team.

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